Saturday, February 23, 2008

Baby Einstein

So we finally went out and bought Alexander and "exersaucer-type" thing... It's actually called "Baby Einstein" made by Graco. I believe Evenflo has the patent on the name "Exersaucer" but it serves the same purpose. Alexander was in need of of some entertaining...some stimulation...and we needed to give him something else to do besides watch NOGGIN all day.

Here's a brief video of him playing with it for the first time. It was too cute. I anticipate much use out of it and more mobility once his feet can firmly reach the bottom... ;) (Midnight apparently wanted some camera time and can be seen lurking in the shot.)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alexander Sits

Alexander has been doing pretty well sitting on his own for longer than a minute... So I got a few shots of him sitting in his cute little Pooh outfit:

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is a day about love...a day for lovers, friends and family. For some, Valentine's Day is every day. Others, need to be reminded and set time aside on this special day. I can personally say that I don't need a day set aside to show the people in my life that I love them. However, it's a great excuse to go out to dinner or plan some time away. ;D Leonard and I have resevered a hotel room at the Hilton for Friday night and Alexander is going to Leonard's parents'. :) I welcome the much needed break and quality time with the man I love...

Alexander will officially be 5 months old on Monday, the 18th. 5 months! Already... It's all going by as fast as my pregnancy. Amazing.

So here's an update on Alexander's development:
  • At the last visit he was 14lbs 10oz and 23.75 inches long. He is starting to fall into the more average percentiles, when comparing to other babies his age.
  • He has mastered being a supported sitter. Every day he gets closer to completely sitting on his own. He's constantly using his ab muscles to lift himself to a crunch position.
  • He's a really happy baby...smiling all the time and giggling when something is funny to him. Especially when he has his goofy father around.
  • He reaches for things, can hold objects in his hands, and grabs at most everything in sight to put into his mouth.
  • He's starting to sleep most of the night...only waking occasionally to eat. And we have had quite a few successful nights of sleeping in his crib.
  • He cannot STAND "Tummy Time." But we force mild sessions and he whimpers the entire time.
  • His cooing has advanced to response-like babbling when someone is speaking to him.
  • He watches television intently. Particularly Nick Jr.'s spin off channel, NOGGIN, geared towards preschoolers. (Leonard and I can be caught watching it when Alexander is asleep.)

  • He has a true affinity to music. Certain songs can calm him...others, like the ones heard on NOGGIN, can capture his attention.

Alexander is a delight. He makes all of my bad days better and truly has become the other love of my life...