Saturday, August 08, 2009

4 months and the Zoo...

Lia's 4 month stas:

15lbs 13oz (90%)
25" long (85%)
16.75" head circum

Lia has been working on her abs by doing mini "sit-ups" since she was about 2 months old... lol She will be sitting on her own here really soon and the doctor already cleared her to eat rice cereal...but also said she didn't need it yet. (So I'm going to wait another month...feeding solid food takes so much work! lol) We'll have a "Lia Eats Green Beans" video before we know it. ;) No teeth yet...but she's gearing up for it..much drooling...and we definitely have a thumb sucker.

Lia talks all of the time. She's actually started to kind of "growl" when she babbles...very good at playing with her voice. Lia just started to reach for things, unlike Alexander who was reaching for toys when he was 2 months old, but remains quite aware of everything around her.

Lia is a really happy baby and very content. She even has been sleeping through the night, in her crib, for about a month now. (Alexander didn't start sleeping in his crib until 12 months...and then he just started sleeping through the night 4 months ago....................)

We took the kids to the zoo a couple of weeks ago. Alexander LOVED it. His favorite part was actually the aquarium. Other than that, the elephant is his favorite animal. We will return again soon, when it's not so hot. Nina, from the PBS Sprout "Good Night Show" was there, too. So we got to listen to her and got a few pics too. It actually was a really good day!

Here is a video of Lia "talking" at the zoo.