Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Closing of another year...

So, it appears the year has ran away from me once again. But, I know that I enjoyed this year better than any other since I was 18. My boyfriend and I celebrated a year of being a couple on the 19th of November. It was wonderful. To the left is a picture of us from our company holiday party. (Yes, we work together.) We just started a year of "seconds," if you will... (Second Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, etc.)

I'm am very blessed and fortunate and hopeful that new year will bring many more wonderful events.

Tomorrow I turn 29. I never imagined where I would be now...but I don't think it was here. I am not one to make resolutions...but I like to set goals on things I want to accomplish. Some of those for this year are, and not limited to:

  1. Losing 15 lbs and maintaining the weight. I have been one to fluctuate on the scale and consider myself fitness conscious, but I intend to focus more on nutrition.
  2. Go back to school... Lord knows I've been away to long and it is time to get things done!
  3. Do some more traveling... I want to return to Alaska, hopefully on a cruise.
  4. I will complete my Rite of Christian Initation as [an]Adult (RCIA) training in May, when I will become a member of the Catholic community. Am looking forward to embracing my Christianity and establish a better relationship with God.

Monday, October 31, 2005


I actually have some time to sit and write [type]... For as many things as I have going on in my head, it should be easy to put something down. I guess I don't know where to start. I seemed to like brainstorming when I was in school. It was so much easier just to jot stuff down without worrying about grammar, punctuation nor tenses... So just this once, let's go the list route:

  • life is good...just really busy
  • as noted, i'm the happiest i've been all my adult life [don't know why i was settling for "all my life"? lord knows it was so much easier being a kid.
  • i'm working on a stage play with a local production company...should be intersting curtain's up in february!
  • i have finally found room for spirituality in my life...i'm converting to catholicism this is a wonderful learning experience for me i actually feel more at peace with myself and things in my life
  • my boyfriend is the best thing that has ever happened to me i can't wait until he graduates in January so I can have more of his attention i fear i have become selfish and long for him to be only there for me.


So I guess in order to post my pic in my profile I had to post it in my blog... Interesting.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fresh Out the Gate...

I had a blog on a message board that I choose to no longer frequent. So, I thought it would be a good idea to start anew somewhere else.

I can't stress enough how wonderful my life is right now... I have no worries and am probably the happiest I've ever been.