Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Alexander!

September 18, 2008 marked the anniversary of Alexander's birth! What a wonderful day. We just had a intimate family get together on Thursday, but we plan to have a big birthday bash in a few days.

Alexander was really not very into the whole cake thing... Maybe this is practice for the party on Saturday. (very poor light in this video...I used the wrong camera.)

He had his year well-check today. The stats at 1 year:

18 lbs 1oz
27 inches long (tall)
18 1/4 inches = head circum.

He is in less than the 5th percentile for height and weight.

Alexander had a pretty traumatic experience at the doctor's office...

They ended up sticking my poor, tiny, baby with 6 needles! He got a toe prick for his hematocrit and hemoglobin before the examination even started. Then after the pediatrican saw him, he got 4 shots and an injection to test for TB. I was devastated. I ended up taking the rest of the day off because the poor thing was so hysterical.

Thank goodness, he ended up calming down...after a while and ate pretty well, shortly there after.

Crazy. He is right on point for all of his milestones, though. Still no teeth, though! Doc said they will come soon... He wants me to wait another month before putting him on whole milk. He wants to see if the breast milk and formula will give him some more vitamins and help him reach 20 lbs.

It's amazing how fast this year went. I still can't believe he is a year old... And that he is going to be a big brother before he's 2! ;D