Wednesday, July 08, 2009

3 months and July 4th

My baby girl just recently weighed in at 15lbs! I can't believe it. I remember thinking that 15lbs was A LOT for a 3 month-old to weigh. And lo and behold... LOL

Lia is 15lbs 2oz (95%), 24" long (75%) and has a 16" head circumference.

Lia is a really big girl...Pretty much trying to sit up by herself every day. Extremely happy baby...always smiling and nearly laughing. And she sleeps through the night!

We couldn't be more blessed!

My niece and nephew are in town for the summer (my sister is soon to follow) so we took them to our buddies' house for a bonfire the night before July 4th. As always, it was a great time spent with friends. It was actually the first bonfire Marcel and Tatyanna had been to...and they had a blast making hotdogs, etc.