Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is it possible to spoil a newborn baby?

Parenthood is exhausting. Alexander has so many needs to be met and it takes all the energy in the world to do that on most days.

He actually has started to become fussy... If he is WIDE awake, he's an angel. But, the times in between sleep (getting there and waking up) can be rough. I was starting to believe that he was becoming spoiled because he really only sleeps when someone is holding him. But, he can actually fall asleep in my arms and wake up with one of his startle reflexes and scream and scream, (as if he isn't being held)...

I have sinced learned that it is impossible to spoil a baby. A baby crys to communicate his needs. If we respond quickly, it strengthens the trust he has for us. Babies don't have the cognitive skills to realize the cause and effect of actions. That skill is developed when they are about 6-8 months old. So for now...I'm all about running to tending to Alexander's exhausting as it may be.

So then, I was starting to think that he was developing colic. The doctor told me last Thursday that Alexander shakes because he has an immature nervous system (since he was born so small...) Which I looked up on the internet and discovered it's possibly a cause of colic. Along with a sensitive temperment, it can be making it difficult for a baby to control his crying.

Here is an article on colic from WebMD:

However, I am able to make him stop...eventually. So I did so more research and found out that Alexander is most likely suffering from an immature digestive system. He grunts and crys when he is about to burp and/or spit up... If he falls asleep before he burps...he wakes up with the grunting and crying and then spits up.

(Gas issues are not to be confused with colic...although it could make colic worse or be worsen by the crying:

8. Crying
Infant gas is often thought of as being the same as infant colic. However, they are NOT the same. Although a baby experiencing episodes of colic may also have gas (possibly due to swallowing air while crying) a baby with gas does not necessarily have colic. Studies have shown that gas alone does not cause the level of distress and/or discomfort experienced by a colicky baby.
9. Sleep disturbances
Understandably, a baby with a stomach ache will have problems sleeping, either falling asleep or staying asleep. However, there are many more common reasons for a baby to have disturbed sleep other than discomfort.)

Right now the crying is making life even more exhausting, but I'm starting to get used to it. I anticipate this to be a phase that passes... I will ask his pediatrican about it some more when we go back for his 2 month well-check. (He will be getting about 5 shots then, too...)

So here's a video of my sweet child with his Daddy...

Does this look spoiled to you?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Our lives have changed forever...

It's been a long time...

I have just finished posting my birth story here for anyone who did not get the pleasure of hearing it first hand:

Here's a short video of him being held by Leonard's about 2 days old..really no sound and bad light, but you get the idea:

It took me so long to write as I have now become a human milk bottle and Alexander is constantly feeding. When we brought him home, he was 5lbs and 6oz... At his first appointment with the pediatrician, (3 days later) he was 5lbs 14oz. We took him to the doctor today because he has been congested (to what we were told is just a cold) and he is now 7lbs and 5oz. So, he's definitely eating okay...

I don't know how many times since Alexander arrived I have told Leonard, "You do realize our lives have changed forever... There is no turning back." I hate to say, but most times it's said with a bit of regret... But, I can honestly say, I wouldn't change it for the world. It's just a lot to take in some days... After the restless nights (not so much sleepless...but interrupted sleep nonetheless,) and endless feedings... I sit and wonder what it will be like to go out again...on a date, away for a weekend, even back to work. It's just more than I thought I would be contemplating.

Alexander is truly a miracle indeed (as so is the name of my pregnancy journal.) I wouldn't give him back for anything. But, our lives have changed forever.