Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Baby is 9 Months Old

I know it's been a long time. Work is hectic, (that's an understatement.) Still settling into the new home...and being a Mom is an entirely separate occupation...

So, thought I would report on how fast my little Alexander is growing. There are 2 new babies at church. I genuinely told the parents of one of them that I really don't even remember him being that small. How can I say that after only 9 months? It's so real.

He's a little off with the timing of his well-check, so we don't go to the doctor until later this week. My prediction is that he is about 19 lbs and 27 inches long. (I'd be happy if I were wrong and he ends up more!)

As far as the milestone check:

  • Alexander rolled over from his front to his back the other day...mainly to get off of his tummy...but nonetheless, it happened.
  • Still no crawling... Although he's making progress. His "want" is outweighing his discomfort and overall disgust with "tummy time." He's starting to prop himself up on his hands (almost like an ape, lol) while sitting on the bed to reach for things he wants.

  • Alexander has totally grasped the "cause and effect" concept... Hence, he is spoiled. He is all about dropping things and watching you pick them up. He screams and whines for things because he has a good feeling he'll get it. (We have actually recently become successfull at ignoring him for periods of time and coming to him when he takes a "break" in the midst of a tantrum.)

  • He can wave "bye-bye." (will get on film soon...)

  • He dances to music, especially Noggin show theme songs, (will get on film soon...) and can be found singing in church.

  • We have started to make his baby food and he has moved to eating more advanced food. (Foods mixed together, meats we eat, etc.)

Will report on the well-check stats soon...and add some videos!