Monday, May 28, 2007

Words Can't Describe...

Words cannot describe how I am feeling right now. I am officially a married woman! Married to the man of my best lover...and the father of my soon-to-be son. I'm on a natural high. I am genuinely happy. There is nothing I can say to convey what I felt two days was such an overwhelming feeling of love, happiness and peace. And certainly I cannot forget my amazingly wonderful friends, to which my perfect day can be accredited. I keep telling my family that I don't even know what I can do that could possibly express my gratitude and appreciation. There just doesn't seem like anything I can say or do that would be good enough. But, trust me, I will come of with SOMETHING.........................................

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

11 Days and counting...

So yeah... Obviously, things have been hectic. The wedding is in 11 days. Can you believe it??? I can barely keep my head on straight. Thank goodness for my AMAZING friends. They have been keeping me on top of things and sane. (Thank you so much!!!) So much has happened...and really not very much time nor energy to write about everything. But, I'll try to give a brief overview..................................................

First, let me remind you all that I am marrying the most wonderful man in the world! I feel so loved and each day my love for him grows stronger (something I was sure it could do.) Leonard takes such good care of me and I trust him with my life...(and that of our growing baby!) He's been traveling a lot lately for work...and that makes me sad. Last week he was in Wyoming from Monday - Thursday. I whined so much about him leaving the Sunday before that he sent me a dozen roses...with a beautiful card that made me tear up. He basically told me that he misses me every time he goes away and to think of him whenever I looked at the flowers while he was gone. (The card is still sitting on my desk in my office.)

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Anyway, in the past month, I've had 2 wedding showers that have reminded me how great the people are that I have grown to know in the past 10 years and longer.

I've been working hard and resting much... I've gained about 18 pounds. Body image issues are haunting me...but I realize I must learn to accept the joys of pregnancy.

Most importantly, we just found out we're having a boy! His name is Alexander Lee... We're both very excited. The details of the ultrasound are here:

The baby is constantly moving...always reminding me that he is there! It's great...but at the same time, it's very distracting! :)

Sleeping has become an adventure... I can never seem to get comfortable. Sad thing is, I'm not even that big yet!!!

I can't wait until the wedding has passed... I'm really ready to start preparing for Alexander's arrival.