Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Top Ten Things I have noticed/learned since I've become a Mom...

  1. A mother eats her food very fast.

  2. Seeing your baby pout his lip while crying can melt your heart.

  3. You can never have too many babysitters.

  4. Going back to work after maternity leave isn't as hard as one might think...

  5. "Sleep when the baby sleeps," is easier said than done.

  6. It is possible to function on 3 hours of sleep.

  7. A baby's smile can make you smile every time.

  8. Your husband can suddenly go deaf in the middle of the night...

  9. Your dog may not care too much for the baby...but still cares very much about you.

  10. You can't remember what life was like before you were a mother...and wouldn't change it for the world.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Much To Be Thankful For...

  • I am thankful for my good health and the good health of those I love.

  • I am thankful for my new family. Leonard, Alexander, and Midnight are all such a blessing.

  • I am thankful for my family and friends. I am blessed that I am able to maintain a close relationship with my family and in-laws and to have a wonderful circle of friends.

  • I am thankful that I have a job. Leonard and I both kept our jobs in the midst of a merger and while others lost theirs...

  • I am thankful to have financial stablilty. It's a great feeling to not have to check the balance in my checking account before making a purchase. I am blessed to have a roof over my head and food in my belly.

  • I am thankful that I have found peace in my life.

  • ONE OF MY MANY BLESSINGS ~ Alexander on Thanksgiving Day:

        Wednesday, October 24, 2007

        Is it possible to spoil a newborn baby?

        Parenthood is exhausting. Alexander has so many needs to be met and it takes all the energy in the world to do that on most days.

        He actually has started to become fussy... If he is WIDE awake, he's an angel. But, the times in between sleep (getting there and waking up) can be rough. I was starting to believe that he was becoming spoiled because he really only sleeps when someone is holding him. But, he can actually fall asleep in my arms and wake up with one of his startle reflexes and scream and scream, (as if he isn't being held)...

        I have sinced learned that it is impossible to spoil a baby. A baby crys to communicate his needs. If we respond quickly, it strengthens the trust he has for us. Babies don't have the cognitive skills to realize the cause and effect of actions. That skill is developed when they are about 6-8 months old. So for now...I'm all about running to tending to Alexander's exhausting as it may be.

        So then, I was starting to think that he was developing colic. The doctor told me last Thursday that Alexander shakes because he has an immature nervous system (since he was born so small...) Which I looked up on the internet and discovered it's possibly a cause of colic. Along with a sensitive temperment, it can be making it difficult for a baby to control his crying.

        Here is an article on colic from WebMD:

        However, I am able to make him stop...eventually. So I did so more research and found out that Alexander is most likely suffering from an immature digestive system. He grunts and crys when he is about to burp and/or spit up... If he falls asleep before he burps...he wakes up with the grunting and crying and then spits up.

        (Gas issues are not to be confused with colic...although it could make colic worse or be worsen by the crying:

        8. Crying
        Infant gas is often thought of as being the same as infant colic. However, they are NOT the same. Although a baby experiencing episodes of colic may also have gas (possibly due to swallowing air while crying) a baby with gas does not necessarily have colic. Studies have shown that gas alone does not cause the level of distress and/or discomfort experienced by a colicky baby.
        9. Sleep disturbances
        Understandably, a baby with a stomach ache will have problems sleeping, either falling asleep or staying asleep. However, there are many more common reasons for a baby to have disturbed sleep other than discomfort.)

        Right now the crying is making life even more exhausting, but I'm starting to get used to it. I anticipate this to be a phase that passes... I will ask his pediatrican about it some more when we go back for his 2 month well-check. (He will be getting about 5 shots then, too...)

        So here's a video of my sweet child with his Daddy...

        Does this look spoiled to you?

        Monday, October 08, 2007

        Our lives have changed forever...

        It's been a long time...

        I have just finished posting my birth story here for anyone who did not get the pleasure of hearing it first hand:

        Here's a short video of him being held by Leonard's about 2 days old..really no sound and bad light, but you get the idea:

        It took me so long to write as I have now become a human milk bottle and Alexander is constantly feeding. When we brought him home, he was 5lbs and 6oz... At his first appointment with the pediatrician, (3 days later) he was 5lbs 14oz. We took him to the doctor today because he has been congested (to what we were told is just a cold) and he is now 7lbs and 5oz. So, he's definitely eating okay...

        I don't know how many times since Alexander arrived I have told Leonard, "You do realize our lives have changed forever... There is no turning back." I hate to say, but most times it's said with a bit of regret... But, I can honestly say, I wouldn't change it for the world. It's just a lot to take in some days... After the restless nights (not so much sleepless...but interrupted sleep nonetheless,) and endless feedings... I sit and wonder what it will be like to go out again...on a date, away for a weekend, even back to work. It's just more than I thought I would be contemplating.

        Alexander is truly a miracle indeed (as so is the name of my pregnancy journal.) I wouldn't give him back for anything. But, our lives have changed forever.

        Monday, September 10, 2007

        39 Weeks

        Today I have reached 39 weeks. Technically, I only have 7 more days left until we get to meet Alexander. I still can't get over this "pregnant for 40 weeks stuff." Why did someone ever come up with the 9 months idea??? I actually feel pretty well...just uncomfortable when he's rolling around. He rarely outright kicks me, but is constantly stretching and poking. Still unbearable.

        I was in the hospital for a couple of days due to high blood pressure, and am now officially on maternity leave because of it. To read about my hospital stay, check out my pregnancy blog:

        So, here I sit...waiting. I'm forbidden to work because I don't want to chance raising my BP again. So, I get to catch up on some movies and lay in bed all day. It's actually much better than doing that in the hospital!

        I can't get over how much weight I've gained. As of last week, it was 53lbs. We'll see what I weigh in at tomorrow... Here's a pic of me after our friend Brian's wedding yesterday. Most of my PG pics are in workout clothes...but Lord knows I haven't been doing much of that lately, so this one is actually in "real" clothes.

        Counting down the days..........

        Monday, August 20, 2007

        Fortune Cookie

        I forgot! My fortune cookie from P.F. Chang's yesterday...

        How cool is that?

        Sunday, August 19, 2007

        9 months

        So, I can't believe it's been over a month since I last blogged. Well...actually, I can. I try to save the PG updates for the pregnacy blog, but it's all that is consuming my life at this moment.

        Tomorrow I will be 36 weeks along in this pregnancy. Can you believe that? 9 months... I'm so ready for Alexander to be here already. I was told that 37 weeks was considered full as far as I'm concerned he can come any time after that! Leonard wants him to cook for as long as possible... (I'm not too keen on that idea.) Although miserable at times, I've found ways to find comfort during these last weeks. So, it's not as bad as it could be. My biggest issue now is that the kid is on my bladder all the time. I'm running to the bathroom every couple of hours...literally. That's getting old...

        We started childbirth classes last Monday and have 2 more scheduled in the coming weeks. I am also taking a breastfeeding class on Tuesday night. Alexander's nursery is nearly complete...with bedding, border, and all of the stuff we've gotten from the showers is organized.

        It's all coming together so nicely. I really can't wait for our new addition to the family.

        As I continue to state, I am very happy with my life. Leonard and I grow closer every day... I can see and feel from him the love and excitement that he puts into every aspect of our relationship. He takes such good care of me...waits on me even when I'm whiny. Leonard is truly my ideal partner. Some days I just want to pinch just seems too good to be true.

        Thursday, July 05, 2007

        Finished Painting Alexander's Room!

        After about 20 hours total of work... We finally finished the wall. Angie and I painted Mickey together. Leonard worked a little on Minnie and I finished her off... I did Donald by myself. And Leonard's sister painted the perfect Pluto...

        Tuesday, July 03, 2007

        July Already...

        I cannot believe it is July already... We have been married for a little over a month, now... Everyone keeps asking us, "How's married life?" We always reply, "Good." But, ya was good before we were married... I really don't see much difference. The biggest difference is the actual "title" and hearing or saying, "Heather Campanelli." That's actually really cool. But, for the most part, we don't love each other any more, (or less...for that matter,) than we did before we took our vows. I've known since we started dating that I could marry Leonard...and the more and more time we spent together, I felt as if we were already totally committed to each other. Needless to say, life IS good. I know I sound like a broken record when I say this, but I am the happiest I've ever been in my adult life. I feel like everything has finally fell into place.

        We had a little painting party on Sunday to begin painting Alexander's room. It's going to be really neat once we have finished. A few folks were upset with us becuase of the colors we chose...they are pretty much brown and light brown. lol I think it's fine. But, Angie is really creative and had some good ideas aboout desgin/detail that we are putting to use. We are getting out of work a little early today so we will be finishing that up today. I ended up wearing a mask (just as a precaution) and it was the silliest looking thing! All in all, it was a good time...we had my sister and her kids, my brother and Leonard's sister, as well as Angie over. Everyone got some painting time...even Tatyanna. We ordered pizza and sat around and laughed. This is truly the fun part of expecting. Leonard and I ordered the crib, mattress, and dresser combo on Saturday so we'll have another day of putting that stuff together.

        I still can't believe I'm 7 months pregnant. (And according to everyone else, really don't look the part, either.) The time has truly flown... Alexander will be here before we know it! To read more about my pregnancy adventures, check out my latest post in my pregnancy journal:
        Work has been as busy as ever, but I plan on taking some time to myself in the next couple of days. Really looking forward to the time off. Happy 4th of July to you all!

        Monday, May 28, 2007

        Words Can't Describe...

        Words cannot describe how I am feeling right now. I am officially a married woman! Married to the man of my best lover...and the father of my soon-to-be son. I'm on a natural high. I am genuinely happy. There is nothing I can say to convey what I felt two days was such an overwhelming feeling of love, happiness and peace. And certainly I cannot forget my amazingly wonderful friends, to which my perfect day can be accredited. I keep telling my family that I don't even know what I can do that could possibly express my gratitude and appreciation. There just doesn't seem like anything I can say or do that would be good enough. But, trust me, I will come of with SOMETHING.........................................

        Tuesday, May 15, 2007

        11 Days and counting...

        So yeah... Obviously, things have been hectic. The wedding is in 11 days. Can you believe it??? I can barely keep my head on straight. Thank goodness for my AMAZING friends. They have been keeping me on top of things and sane. (Thank you so much!!!) So much has happened...and really not very much time nor energy to write about everything. But, I'll try to give a brief overview..................................................

        First, let me remind you all that I am marrying the most wonderful man in the world! I feel so loved and each day my love for him grows stronger (something I was sure it could do.) Leonard takes such good care of me and I trust him with my life...(and that of our growing baby!) He's been traveling a lot lately for work...and that makes me sad. Last week he was in Wyoming from Monday - Thursday. I whined so much about him leaving the Sunday before that he sent me a dozen roses...with a beautiful card that made me tear up. He basically told me that he misses me every time he goes away and to think of him whenever I looked at the flowers while he was gone. (The card is still sitting on my desk in my office.)

        Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

        Anyway, in the past month, I've had 2 wedding showers that have reminded me how great the people are that I have grown to know in the past 10 years and longer.

        I've been working hard and resting much... I've gained about 18 pounds. Body image issues are haunting me...but I realize I must learn to accept the joys of pregnancy.

        Most importantly, we just found out we're having a boy! His name is Alexander Lee... We're both very excited. The details of the ultrasound are here:

        The baby is constantly moving...always reminding me that he is there! It's great...but at the same time, it's very distracting! :)

        Sleeping has become an adventure... I can never seem to get comfortable. Sad thing is, I'm not even that big yet!!!

        I can't wait until the wedding has passed... I'm really ready to start preparing for Alexander's arrival.

        Friday, April 20, 2007

        Engaged Encounter

        To satisfy our Pre-Cana requirements for our Catholic faith we were required to go to a day long seminar or a weekend long retreat for engaged couples. We opted to do the weekend as we thought we would get more out of it an intimate weekend with 19 other couples than a hectic day with about 40 or so... So, on April 13th Leonard and I headed off to St. Therese's Retreat...right down the road...for our Engaged Encounter weekend. We actually even got into an argument on the way there because I had Leonard get off at the wrong exit...and I was already a little unhappy that we had to go there. Little did I know what was in store of us...

        The retreat was to be held from Friday - Sunday afternoon...ending with Mass. We were not told what to expect with no agenda of the weekend. We were told that the sleeping arrangements were dormitory style and to bring a robe because the showers were down the hall. We were also informed that we would have 3 meals on Saturday and 2 on Sunday...and to bring a 2-liter of something to drink and a snack to share as there was no meal for Friday night. That was it. The evening began promptly at 8pm, with registration and time to get settled at 7:30pm. Here I'm thinking we would be introducing ourselves, given an agenda and head off to bed. Boy was I wrong! We were led by a team of couples and a priest. There was a senior couple and a junior couple. They all introduced themselves and briefed us on the particulars of weekend. We were told that the basic format for the weekend would be a talk by one of the couples and the priest on a specific topic, a time for individual reflection/writing and then a time for we to meet up with our fiances for a discussion on our individual reflections. We did this 3 times before the night was over...heading to bed around 11:30pm. I was EXHAUSTED. I usually am in bed by 9pm half the was so hard for me...but I always looked forward to meeting back up with Leonard and talking with him about my thoughts.

        Of course we had separate sleeping quarters and I found myself hiding my pregnancy all weekend long. In the back of my mind lingered the thought, "I wonder if anyone can tell?" (Sleeping without Leonard actually was the worst part of the weekend.)

        The next day started with a meeting in the chapel for prayer and breakfast. At breakfast Leonard noticed I was hiding my left hand because I did not have my ring. (My ring was at the jewelers getting having a mold made from it for my wedding band.) All of these women had such BEAUTIFUL rings and I didn't have mine! :( It sucked... So, in addition to the pregnancy...I ended up covering up my hand every moment I was aware of it.

        After breakfast started a couple of more rounds of listening, reflecting, and discussion... And just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, we played a game. We actually did a couple of activities that were outside of the normal format and it made the weekend more bearable.

        A lot of the topics/questions were items that were on our FOCCUS questionaire. It was nice to be able to sit with Leonard and discuss them in more detail. Our discussions never lasted long...and we usually had time left over in the 20 minutes or so they allotted for the rendez-vous. At those times I would take advantage of being alone with my love and just laying in his arms or joking around with him until they ring the bell for us to return.

        Saturday night was about an hour long group discussion over questions we anonymously put in a box and a prayer service for us couples before heading off to bed.

        One of our last exercises was to write a bethrothal to our future spouses...a love letter of sorts as well as a promise or contract for our future marriage. This was the easiest and the hardest thing I had to do all weekend. It was easy because I knew exactly what I would write...but hard because I couldn't write it without getting emotional. I was crying as I wrote it because it made me so happy to know that I had someone like Leonard in my life...and to tell him how much I love and adore him. As I read it to him, I broke down even more...bahling like a baby. (As I did when he read me his...) And they had the nerve to ask us to read them at mass? LOL No way. I knew I wouldn't be able to handle it... Alas, it was perfect close to a perfect weekend.

        Overall, we learned so much about how in tune we are with our relationship. I believe we had a good understanding of each other as individuals...but never really acknowledged how solid our comprehension of our relationship was. We have such a deep connection and our weekend was literally a confirmation of how genuine our love is...and how we truly are meant to be together.

        Sunday, April 01, 2007

        Weird Day

        For the past few days I've had a pain in my back...closer to my neck than anything, but I can't pinpoint the cause nor how to remedy it. I just know it hurts!! It's pretty much where my cervical vertebrae ends and my thoracic begins. (For those who don't know much about anatomy, that a little lower than my shoulders.) I could barely move last night...and getting dressed this morning was horrific. Moving my left arm in any direction/position sends a shooting pain through my upper back. I really don't know what to do. But, by time I got to church, I actually started feeling sick...not sure if it was nausea or what, but enough to take my mind off the pain. Since it is Palm Sunday today, the Gospel was the reading of the Passion and that's an awful long time to be standing. Normally, I would be fine. I broke out in a cold sweat and actually had to sit down. From that point forward I felt miserable...sweating, dizzy and uncomfortable.

        So, Leo went to the gym and I stayed home to rest.

        This has actually been the most restful weekend I've had in months. I got to sleep in for the first yesterday (a Saturday) since January. (And I still was up by 8am!) But, I didn't HAVE to do school, no work, no show. It was great. I made breakfast and cleaned the kitchen.

        Wedding plans are coming along, slowly but surely. There is still much to do! My bridal showers are getting coordinated...(one is for work, the other for family.) I ordered the wedding favors on Friday. Last night I organized the wedding music and took it to our music director at church. I sent Leonard the information for getting their tuxedos. We still need to find a photographer...because the more and more I think about it, I want a pro. Also, we need to get the decorations and programs together. Most importantly, the production of the invitations is on hold until we can be sure that we can marry in the church. The Catholic Dicoese of Columbus is still reviewing my petition for the Pauline Privilege... My witnesses have been served letters and at this point it's a waiting game until all of their responses are in... I really don't want to speak much on that because it gets me really stressed, but I'm not really happy about that situation.

        I'd much rather be doing baby stuff and preparing for our new addition. **sigh** But, first things first...

        Saturday, March 10, 2007

        Can we say, Busy?

        I've been so swamped lately it's not even funny. I'm actually too tired to write, but felt I was neglecting blogger over my pregnancy journal. :) So, as a quick update. I had my first ultrasound on Friday. It was amazing! The details are in my pregnancy journal.... ( The cool thing is... I'm further along than I thought. A little over week further... So, I'm a little over 3 months now. Can you believe that?

        Anyway, work has been hectic. I've been working really hard...and with me being the only tech person in the office last week, I was swamped. The system needed to be updated to meet compliancy for the Daylight Savings Time change and it meant a lot of work for us. I was at work last night until about 10pm (took a Happy Hour break, of course,) and then pretty much all day today. I got there at 9:30am, went to class for about a half hour to do my labs and turn in my project (of which I got up at 4am this morning to start and finish,) and then got home around 7pm. Tomorrow will be another long day as I will have to finish working on updates in the morning, (after mass, of course) and then go shopping for a wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. And just found out a couple of hours ago that tomorrow evening is a birthday party for Leonard's I guess we'll have to be done by 5pm. I have a little more work I want to do online tonight and then I'm calling it a night. Next week will be another busy week...

        The good news is, I got a raise! A really big one too... I was really surprised, because I also got a bonus. Insane. What a blessing!!!

        I'll be so glad when things slow down...

        Our Baby

        Tuesday, February 27, 2007

        Not so "Sunny California"...

        So here I am in Napa Valley on business. It's been cloudy and rainy the past 3 days. The sun is trying to come out, but quickly gets covered. I'm just finishing my lunch...and it's 3:30 pm EST. (12:30 GMT - Pacific) I'm not getting used to this time at all. I'm really tired and don't feel like I have enough energy to get me through the days.

        I will not even go into how bad my travel day was...just know that it was probably the worst travel experience I've ever had. (Aside from the ride back to Ohio from visiting my sister in FL on a Greyhound....)

        The landscaping of this area is really nice. I'm sure it's a BEAUTIFUL place when the sun is shining etc. My department is pretty much everything I expected. The people are really nice and driven... (Mainly driven crazy by the SVP, but otherwise...they're pretty much on task.)

        I am staying in the River Terrace Inn in Napa. It's a REALLY nice hotel. My room is very comfortable and the bed is a very good substitute for my "sanctuary" at home. I have a cool view of the Napa River from my baclony (pictured above) and they have a complimentary breakfast buffet every morning. The bar looks pretty cool, too... Very unfortunate that I cannot partake................

        So some things I've noticed:
        1. On my flight from Columbus to Vegas, I was the only black person on board.
        2. On my flight from Vegas to Sacamento, I was the only black passenger on of the flight attendants was black... lol
        3. Out of 212 employees of my company's Napa office, there are probably a total of 10 black people.
        4. When I went to Target last night, I saw no black people... LOL
        There are a lot of hispanics and asians, but hardly any African-Americans. It's actually pretty interesting how drastically the demographic can change from one part of the country to the next. Being the person I am, I notice these things... I can't help it.

        The SVP's assistant it taking me out to downtown Napa so I can check it out and do a little shopping. I'm actually looking forward to that. 3 hours to go...

        Well, I have another meeting to attend in 10 I best get prepared.

        I plan on writing in my pregnancy journal later tonight.

        Friday, February 23, 2007


        T hank G od I t's F riday! There are some days when that phrase takes on more meaning than it does on others... Today is one such day! This week has been long and trying for me... There has been much to get done at work and my Accounting class continues to be a headache...not to mention it was the last week I had to teach for the show. I ended up holding a pure dance rehearsal on Sunday for 2 hours to teach 2 dances and review the others. Last night was more review and I taught 1 more...and we cut 1, so that helped! 2 nights ago I left my portfolio with my W-2s and other important documents at class and so I was stressing about that. In addition, the test that was scheduled for that night was moved to Monday...when I am out of town on business. My only option is to take it in the testing center, which I assumed would be prior to Monday. Well, my professor wrote me yesterday and told me that I can take it tomoBy the grace of God, it turns out that one of my classmates picked it up for I will pick that up on my lunch. And now, it's FRIDAY!

        I am so in need of some rest... I still have a test for my "workstation configuration" class tomorrow, but plan to go to bed as earlier as I can tonight. I fly out to Napa on Sunday and totally plan on sleeping on the plane to Vegas...and getting some early rest on Sunday evening.

        Too bad I can't have that well deserved Jack and Coke.......................... C'est la vie!

        Tuesday, February 13, 2007

        Early Valentine's

        So the night that I made my last post, Leonard came home with a ring! It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! He was really smart and took Kim and Julie with him. I had such a bad day and it was the best surprise ever! Obviously, with the pregnancy, I expected it at some point, but not this soon. And Kim reassured me that he had come to her at the beginning of January (before we even ever found out) to ask her advice. But, I knew we were going to get engaged EVENTUALLY, regardless of the baby...

        Our friends had probed me for information about what kind of gold and size and stuff the Friday before, and I truly thought nothing of it. In light of everything else that is going on. They had me trying on their rings and all kinds of stuff. I was truly oblivious.

        So, his proposal was really cute. As I said, I had been home sleeping before I had rehearsal while Leonard went to the gym (and apparently to pick up the ring, too.) When he got home, he acted like he was going to get into bed with me and picked up this pillow his sister made for me for Christmas... (The pillow has a digital cloth photo of us sewn onto it.) [Well just the past weekend I was joking around with him about how I didn't have a ring... And the pillow represents are love... So, I picked up the pillow and said, "Do you know what this is? It's love without a ring!" And I threw it across the room. We totally laughed about it and that was the end of that.] So as he picked up the pillow he says, "You know, baby, I think something fell out of this pillow when you threw it the other day." And, as a total sucker, I say, "You think so?" as I start to shake it and said, "Yeah, it does seem a little flat...maybe some stuffing or something fell out." Then he says, "I think it was this..." as he hands me the box with the ring. All I could say was "Are you serious??" And then he had me turn on the light and open it up! It was so cool... And he looks at me and says, "SO, what do you say??" To which I said, "Of course I'll marry you!" Needless to say, I'm a very happy lady!!!

        The ring is unbelievably unique. I can't find it anywhere online to get a good picture of it...and taking one has not done it justice. But, it's designer is Christopher Slowinski...with his patented "crisscut" diamond. It looks very antique and I doubt anyone will ever have a ring like mine! It's so very cool...and it's white gold! To describe the setting I will give you the actual description from the appraisal: "One crisscut center with pave' set diamond trim, pave' set diamonds down shank."I've always wanted a white gold ring! So here are the pictures I took of the actual ring. And here are also pictures of what the crisscut diamond looks like...and I actually found the same detail on my band on another ring from the Christopher Designs site.

        Thursday, February 08, 2007

        Just not "right"... It's COLD. And I'm tired.

        So today was a bad day for me on the pregnancy side... I posted that in my pregnancy journal. Long story short, I'm just not right. Other than that, it's cold... The picture is from my weather bug, I snagged this morning from my PC. Can you believe that? -3 degrees. Insane. I do NOT like the cold. Needless to say, I'm going to take a nap before my rehearsal tonight. I have been so exhausted lately...which is totally expected. I just wish I could magically find some energy somewhere. Doing a little too much right now. After the middle of March, things will slow down.

        Friday, February 02, 2007

        BIG NEWS!

        So now that we have told our nearest and dearest friends, I can post my news here in my blog! This past Saturday Leonard and I found out that we are expecting a baby... I'm so unbelieveably excited. It's all that I can think about... It's literally consuming everything I do. It was so hard to work this week and I fear it's only going to get worse. Although I am really early in the pregnancy and it's a big faux-pas to tell folks this soon, we just can't keep the excitement in...and keeping it from our friends was killing us. We have decided, however, to wait to tell our parents until we have the first prenatal appointment on Monday, February 12th. We just want to make sure everything is okay and going well before we get their hopes up. I'm cool with that, and telling our friends was probably the best thing we could do for support right now.

        I have started a pregnancy journal on and I plan on maintaining it. Here is the link to my journal: It is also located in my "LINKS" section to the right.

        I will continue to post here in my blog about everything unrelated to my pregnancy and some things related, but the for the most part, the plan is to keep them separated.

        I wake up every morning and thank God every day for this blessing...


        Tuesday, January 30, 2007


        I can't believe it's the end of January already. I have been meaning to post an entry about the new year and what I hope comes to pass. Hoping not to sound like a broken record, but I'm not one to make "resolutions", in the sense that society usually defines. When most people set out to make resolutions, they usually are resolving to make a change... Change is really hard for me and often times I find I am set in my ways. A resolution is more so a statement or expression of a formal decision...(to many...a decision to make change.)

        I much rather like setting goals for the year. This year I don't have too many goals... Last year I was successful at achieving most, if not all, the things on my list. I lost weight, I went back to school, I grew deeper spiritually and completed my catechism...
        So this year, I have a list of HOPES, if you will:
        • I hope to at least get engaged before year's end...

        • that I can hopefully start a family soon.

        • I hope to continue my studies and not allow my lack of motivation discourage me.

        • I hope to maintain my fitness habits and also incorporate an even more healthy diet.

        • I hope to exercise my faith with stronger intentions.

        • I hope to keep my sanity through the changes at work, (resulting from the recent acquistion of the company for which I work.)

        • And last, but certainly not least, I hope to stay in contact and spend more time with my family and those that I love.
        I'm praying these things will come to pass. God willing...

        Sunday, January 21, 2007

        It's looking a lot like winter...

        Looks like Old Man Winter has finally made his grand entrance! Today it snowed. Although this isn't technically the first snow we've seen, it is the first snowfall of significance. As usual on a Sunday morning, I get up at 7:45am to get ready for 9am mass. After I have taken my shower, I get Leonard up. Since I was still feeling under the weather, he actually made it downstairs before I and as I'm finishing getting my gym bag together I hear, "Midnight, you're a reversed Dalmation!" (This is what happens to Midnight when he goes out while it's snowing...he comes in with white spots. Too bad I didn't get a picture of this.) We both eat some breakfast and head out to a nice coating of snow on the road. As we pull out of our cul de sac we began to realize how slick it actually is... By the time we reach the main road, we are surprised that it really isn't any better. Hopeful that the I-70 and I-270 would be more clear, we proceed to the freeway. The on ramp is just as coated as the road...and as it turned out, the freeways were no better. As we got to a 25mph crawl we decide that we're not making it to mass today and it's best to turn around. So, to the first exit we go...

        Fortunately, it is Sunday...all of our grocery shopping is done and we have no where pressing to be. These are the days when it is best to just stay off the roads until something has been done to improve driving conditions. Driving in this weather always makes me a little nervous.

        I actually wasn't even expected all of this snow... An hour later the back yard was covered and it continued to snow for a couple of more hours straight. I am certain there is a good 2 inches out there (if not more)...almost out of nowhere.

        Saturday, January 20, 2007

        Back to Blogging

        Today I am sick. I've actually been sick for the past few days. I'm not quite sure what's going on, just that I'm not getting any better because I'm doing a very bad job of resting. Presently, I have lost my voice...yet, I keep trying to talk so it's only getting worse...

        I usually try to write blogs when I have something great to say...but today I just have some time to type. I actually did have some cool things to write my 30th birthday, New Year's Eve and my recent trip to New Orleans, but time has dearly escaped me. But to sum a few of those events up:

        • My birthday, the 29th of December, was say the least, spent with good friends and overall had a good time. I also must say I am very content with being 30. with Kim and Julie on my birthday... (before dinner on my birthday...)

        • I took it easy on New Year's as I had my fill of partying just 2 days prior, yet rang in the New Year with those I consider to be my most genuine friends. I've always believed that the person (or people) you are with when the clock strikes 12, those are the ones with which you will spend the entire year. (So far, it's been true for me...)

        • New Orleans was yet another wondeful experience! I believe that everyone should get down to the French Quarter at least once in their life time. It is filled with such great culture, music and FOOD! New Orelans in the morning (The Mississippi in the morning)

        At this point, I'm trying to sit back and hopefully I get well. My life is a little busy at the moment as I am once again taking class for the quarter, trying to maintain my fitness regimen and work has once again made me its slave. (The company I work for was recently acquired and with the merger comes many technological which I will have a great part.) I actually decided that I'm going to take a breath and not let it stress me out too much.

        I will have another blog really soon!