Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Hanging in there..."

That seems to be my response every time someone asks me how I am doing... At this point, it's the best I can do. You can read details of my pregnancy here:

Latest Pregnancy Blog Entry

Lia's c-section is scheduled for the 3rd of April. My last day of work is the 27th of March. It can't come soon enough! Going to work has literally become a pain.

On the brighter side of things... We finished painting Lia's walls... We just need to get some furniture. My good friends through me a "girl's night" (shower) and we got some really nice clothes for Lia. My friend, Sarah, did an AMAZING job on the cake, too.

Here are some pictures of her walls and the cake.

And not to forget about my baby! Alexander learned that he can dance on the floor the other day. It was so funny...(hence the constant giggling from me on the video.)I'm telling you, the kid is going to be a dancer! :)

Until the 3rd, I'll be hanging in there...