Sunday, September 20, 2009

Alexander is 2!

It's really hard to believe that it's been 2 years since we were blessed with our dear Alexander. Unfortunately, I wasn't around on his birthday (9/18) because I had rehearsal for the play I'm doing that opens up next weekend, Fuddy Meers, but I made a video message for him to watch when he got home. Needless to say, I will make sure that doesn't happen again. We are having a family (and very close friends) party for him next weekend.

Alexander has grown a lot in 2 years. At his 2-yr well-check he was weighing in at 25 1/4 lbs. and measuring to 32 3/4" tall. He has moved into the 25%! The pediatrician said he has a perfect BMI for a toddler... :D The boy is definitely growing. It's so cool to see the things he used to be able to walk under and can no longer. He climbs into the truck with ease now as well as onto our bed. Alexander can walk up and down stairs like a big boy... He actually came up without anyone behind him, as I looked on from the top, busy with Lia. (He got tired of waiting for his Dad, and even asked me if he could come up before he did on his own.) He has become a little man, that's for sure... And he's an excellent big brother! He loves Lia so much and is quite protective. Mary Ann, the sitter, says he will barely let anyone touch her...shielding her saying "MINE!" Speaking of "saying" his vocabulary is quite extensive, although we only get 2 to 3 word sentences...mostly all begining with, "No..." lol And I'm sad to report that I child is suffering from the "Terrible Twos." It's almost unbearable at times. BIG tantrums over the silliest, smallest things. Leonard and I have learned to just ignore him and then he gets himself together...distracted by something else. If it gets too bad he, of course, gets threatened (or "corrected") with the spoon. Despite the tantrums, he's a pretty good boy and listens and follows complex directions quite well for a boy his age. Alexander loves animals and knows his shapes (even the "more difficult" ones.) They work on the alaphabet and other sing-a-long songs at the sitter's. His latest infactuation is with dinosaurs and is currently obsessed with Land Before Time. He's going to be a "Sharp Tooth" for Halloween. ;)

Happy, Happy Birthday to my Sweet, Little Boy.